Which door takes me home?

My office in Raleigh, June 7

Okay, I’ve been delinquent in getting the rest of the photos up… everything’s here now!

Including my very special photo collection of cool doors I noticed in all of our travels. I’m not quite sure why the doors struck my fancy so, but I loved them.

Look at the grate above this door, wow! Literally medieval, heh. From one of the windy little passages that pass for streets in the Cinque Terre (Vernazza)

I’m not nearly as eloquent as Bob, so I’ll leave the post-trip editorializing to him. But I will agree with his statement, that travel is one of the biggest activities you can engage in to really feel your place in our world. The other big activity is reading. I’ve really enjoyed this trip, and I want to thank Bob for going along with my love of history in our choice of locations.

After all, it’s all just a bunch of good stories, right?

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  1. Niki says:

    I love the doors!

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