May 27 – Helsinki

With only one more day left on our journey, I have to say we’ve been extraordinarily fortunate with weather.  I counted up the rainy days I’ve seen in the now-almost-five weeks I’ve been traveling and barely got to five.  Two of those happened while I was en route to someplace and so was sheltered by bus or train.  All in all, an amazing track record–until now.

Gina enjoying cappuccino at Kappeli, where it appears half of Helsinki hangs out

We arrived in Helsinki yesterday evening to air temps in the high 50s and a driving wind.  Those conditions have persisted today, with the addition of a few rain showers in the afternoon.

But since Bob saved the nicest hotel for last, we had a cool place to escape the rain

This is about the worst type of weather in my opinion–if it were colder, the rain would be snow and assuming you were dressed appropriately, it would just bounce off.  This is rather like a nasty winter day in the Bay Area, cold and wet, just draining the body of heat.

On top of that, Gina is in full cold-fighting mode, trying to build her strength for brief forays into the city.  Still, we had a nice lunch at a cafe today followed by coffee and dessert at a restaurant located in an incredibly cool turn-of-the-century building.



Tomorrow we’re planning to visit Suomenlinna, an island fortress that’s a short ferry ride from the city proper.  We’ll try to get out for a walk tonight if the weather improves, but seeing as we’re staying at the NUMBER ONE HOTEL in Helsinki according to Trip Advisor, life ain’t too bad right here either.

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