Did we mention the food?

This being Italy and all, we expected to take full advantage of the abundance of good eats.  As she noted in an earlier post, Gina already sampled the local specialty, pesto, which was very fresh (and very bright green!)

Since we’re staying in an apartment, and we’re here for a week, we figured we’d cook at least some of the time and last night I made chicken with the local pasta, peppers and onions.  This pasta is interesting–it’s made from wheat but also potatoes, so it’s somewhere between gnocchi and regular pasta in terms of consistency.


I made a garlic-white wine-lemon sauce that, as good as it was, was a pale facsimile of the one that bathed the mussels we got the night before.  Yes, I ate mussels… and they were good.  Not spongy like clams or calamari.


For an entree I had sea bass prepared in the Ligurian style, which was with potatoes, tomatoes, and these tiny little olives in a simple but delicious white wine based sauce.  Fantastic (see photo).

We finished up with dessert (of course), which for me was creme caramel and for Gina was a coffee flavored light custard thing that was also fantastic.  The next day I got a tiramisu at this cafe across from our apartment that was off in the ratio of cake to custard but more than made up for it on the custard side.

We’re headed to Vernazza today, and may end up staying for dinner.  I mean, I can’t be expected to cook two nights in a row, can I??

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  1. Marla says:

    I am SO enjoying your blog…would love to visit Italy some day. Maybe I’ll cook something Italian this weekend…

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